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Man-on-man competition, 6 minute flight target, 9 minute flight window, precision landing points, teams

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F3L Monthlies 2024
What is F3L?

The F3L competition is not only an individual challenge but also a team-based event where pilots collaborate and strategize together.

The models feature a maximum 2-meter span, are primarily of wooden construction and are controlled only by rudder, elevator, and spoiler(s). For launching, a rubber bungee with a nylon line is used. Due to the restrictions on construction and equipment, trying to keep the building simple, the F3L class is intended as a low-cost introduction into R/C competitions.

Contest scoring is based on flight time (1 point per second) and landing precision (up to 100 points). Each flight group consists of a pilot from each team. The pilot with the highest score in the group earns a 1000 points and the remainder are normalized to that score.

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